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Natalia Kapatsoulia is a full time children's book illustrator.

She was born in Athens, Greece and studied french litterature at the Athens University and Illustration at the Ornerakis School of Applied Arts.

She has attended seminars on children's book Illustration in Italy and participated in illustration exhibitions in Greece, Italy, France and Japan.

She illustrates books for children 3-12 years of age.

Her favourite traditional medium is acrylics and collage but  also enjoys creating digital pictures or combine the two.

She loves drawing little cute animals, either using humour in her illustrations or create  pictures that tenderly put emphasis on the inner world of her heroes.

She is currently living in Cefalonia, Greece.

She has been collaborating with greek publishers for twenty years now.

You can find the books* she has illustrated in the publishers' links below:





*books in greek language

She has written and illustrated "Mamá quiere volar" (Apila ediciones) on sale in spanish, and also in greek "Η μαμά πετάει" (εκδόσεις Διάπλαση). 

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